Grow Local

Just like crops grow, so will the Harbor District Market!  We’re excited to have such amazing vendors on board with us.  As we continue to grow, so will the number of our vendors and operating hours. 



Acre Station Meat Farm

Specializing in fresh pork, beef, fresh and smoked sausage, seasoning meats, fresh frozen vegetables, specialty sauces, and marinades. Your Traditional Butcher Shop will cut to order.

Bear Grass Soaps

Bird In Hand Gifts

Bird in Hand Gifts started as a business focused on feeding the birds using repurposed vintage and antique dishware to keep it out of our landfills.

We’ve grown in the last four years to include a wide variety of gifts using driftwood, shell, sea glass, and other found materials. 

Carolina Country Fresh

This story begins early in the 1920’s when Kenneth H. Roberson Sr was born.  The farm that he and his father began on only a few acres with a couple of chicken houses has blossomed into a highly diverse, technologically advanced operation that spreads across four counties and covers nearly 3000 acres.

Craft Autonomy

Dottie Ann Walker

I create wearable, one of a kind art.

Mediums I use include:
Silk – Hand painted using fabric dyes – Scarves and Jackets Felt – Wool and Alpaca – Handbags, Purses, Ruanas Silk & Wool – Nuno Felted – Scarves, Wraps, Purses, Notecards – Yes! Humorous.

Green Bananas

IBX Soaps

IBX Soaps (Inner Banks Soaps) is the soaping side of the business, with a variety of soaps and skin care products to choose from.


Leilani’s is a North Carolina based small business that aims at bringing the Aloha spirit to you.  We do this through Hawaiian Hula Dance classes, Hula performances and fundraisers, made-to-order island-inspired beverages, handcrafted beachy wine art, Hawaiian style gear and more. We operate online and at our location in downtown Washington, NC (inside the Harbor District Market). 


Locavore Market Garden is a small family farm located just outside of Washington.  Titus grows interesting and exotic vegetables, herbs, & microgreens while Angela crafts equally interesting prepared foods inspired by products grown on their farm. 

Mary Anne's Creative Chaos


Sam's Rustic Shop

I grew up near Washington, NC and worked on tobacco farms in the 1940’s and 1950’s. I handled some of the same sticks back then that I am using now to make rustic stools, stars, and hiking sticks. Most of the materials I use, with the exception of seagrass, are from the Washington-Beaufort County area. I enjoy the creative aspect of my craft and especially the opportunity it gives me to meet people and make new friends.

Southside Farms

We enjoy providing fresh, nutritious and delicious food to the people in our community. Come see us, pick a few berries, sit on the porch and eat some of Grandma Betty’s ice cream and meet your farmer!

Tobacco Roots