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While the Harbor District Market is similar to other public markets, in one way, it is entirely unique: it is the first public market in the region to carry an all‐local assortment. By focusing on an assortment of local Eastern Carolina production, the market will showcase local agriculture, fisheries, and specialty food production and—in certain categories—will introduce market demand that’s strong enough to expand local production. One report indicates the average food item travels 1,500 miles from farm to plate. The average farmer gets 9 cents of your food dollar, while grocery stores, marketers, processors, and middlemen get the other 91 cents. Large industrial farms employ just three full‐time workers per $1 million in revenue, while local farms employ 13.  Given limited wholesale opportunities, it is the farm stand, farmers market, CSA, etc., that will keep Eastern Carolina agriculture, small fishermen, and artisan food producers viable.

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Our non‐profit model assumes a break-even operating margin, existing solely to create, run, and promote the marketplace and provide for the education of our community residents, visitors, farmers, & small businesses. We appreciate your support!

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