A Model Built for Success

Our Goal:

We want to create a permanent, year-round, self sustained market that provides local , healthy food to the consumers from all income levels, while enriching the community at large. Our non-profit model assumes a break even operating margin, existing solely to create run, and promote the marketplace and provide the education of our community.


Once open, the Harbor district market will be the only locally sourced market of its kind in the region. We aspire  for all products offered to either originate in Eastern North Carolina.

Growing Consumer Demand

The Market’s fresh and local assortment is on trend with prevailing grocery attitudes that demonstrate a growing market for fresh foods and a clear preference for local sourcing.

First-Rate Regional Supply

The Eastern Carolina region offers a first-rate supply and assortment of products. With many producers proximal to Washington, the size and scale of NC’s farming enterprise enjoys a strong tradition of direct sales to consumers.

Self-Sustaining Economics

The Market’s model is built on viable, self-sustaining economics that limit a reliance on ongoing fundraising campaigns. and instead balance operating costs on a percentage of sales revenues and modest fees.

Genuine Public Value

The market model offers a strong value proposition for local food producers in NC and tile consumers who support them alongside appealing to environmentalists. consservationists and public health advocates.

Unparalleled Location

Located in the heart of Downtown Washington, 140 W. Main St.is a one-of-a-kind retail location in a dynamic and growing area of Washington with a long standing history of retail activity.

Growing Residential neighborhoods close by.

Significant workforce within walking distance.

Heavy tourist foot traffic year-round.

Ongoing development investment and projects.